Rid Your Home of Rats and Mice

Rely on us when you need rodent removal services in Sartell, Sauk Rapids or St. Cloud, MN

If you've caught one or two rats in your home, you might think you've taken care of your rodent problem. Unfortunately, that usually isn't the case. Whatever the critter count, you can count on Dick's Nuisance Animal Control of St. Cloud, LLC for effective and humane rodent removal services in Sartell, Sauk Rapids & St. Cloud, MN. We'll bait and trap mice, rats, and Squirrels.

Reach out today to get rats, mice, or squirrels removal services.

Rat Removal

How can you make your home more secure?

Still having problems with intruders between rodent removal appointments? You can help keep animals at bay by:

  • Sealing up even the smallest gaps in your walls or foundation
  • Keeping your flue closed and covering your chimney with a screen
  • Covering your outdoor garbage cans and removing litter from your yard
  • Making sure your attic exhaust fan is properly installed and covered
  • Trimming tree branches so they don't form a bridge to your house
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